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Los Angeles is Our Playground June 2, 2009

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A couple of years ago, I left the daily grind to raise my son West. As the author of Walking LA and publisher of, I considered myself to be something of an authority on the city of Los Angeles before my son was born. But as other parents know, having a baby or small child in tow can change the landscape dramatically. Gone are the days of dining at hot new restaurants, catching a movie on a whim, leisurely shopping trips, long coffee dates with friends, quiet afternoons at art museums, and so on.

All of this “grown-up” entertainment has been replaced with kid-friendly recreational activities. The good news is that Los Angeles is a veritable gold mine when it comes to activities and attraction for families and children. I’m not talking exclusively about playgrounds, indoor play places and kids museums, although we visit our fair share of all of the above. Rather, I seek out activities and destinations that we can both enjoy. More often than not, our itineraries include a stop at a favorite casual restaurant, farmers market, gelato bar or bakery (hence the name Eat Play LA). The idea is to give the whole family a taste of all Los Angeles has to offer, both literally and figuratively.

I’ll use this blog to share some of my favorite routines and destinations with other families so that Mom (or Dad) doesn’t end up in a rut visiting the same playground or, worse yet, stuck at home with the kids day after day.


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