Eat Play LA

Metro Red Line to City Hall Farmers Market June 10, 2009

Last week West and I went on a Metro adventure. We parked at the Universal City Red Line station and took the subway to the Civic Center stop in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Our destination was the City Hall farmers market (Thursdays, 10am to 2pm), located just a few blocks east of the station on the south lawn of City Hall.

We spend a lot of time at farmers markets because it gives us the opportunity to visit different areas of Los Angeles and eat some really good food to boot. It’s also a relatively cheap outing to take with a kid (if you manage to resist the many temptations of delectable-smelling prepared foods and treats, that is). I was once again stalking vegan food vendor Daniel’s Choice because I was craving his spinach/faux-feta pie. I also found some really good deals on produce (huge head of red leaf lettuce for a buck, giant bunch of beets for two). Perhaps the best thing about this market is the location. With City Hall as a dramatic backdrop, grassy lawns and paths, and picnic tables set up underneath (at the time of our visit, blooming) jacaranda trees, it’s a great place to let kids run off some energy and then site down together for a nice lunch. Afterward, downtown Los Angeles is yours to explore, from the charming garden behind Disney Hall to the dramatic fountains of the Music Center, Civic Center Mall and the California Plaza Watercourt.


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