Eat Play LA

Sierra Madre Farmers Market June 10, 2009

This afternoon West and I will head back to the Sierra Madre Wednesday afternoon farmers market (4 to 7pm). As markets go, it’s not the most impressive  – it’s set up in an unshaded parking lot and the selection is far from staggering. But I go for a vegan vendor I like who doesn’t show up to many local markets (Daniel’s Choice – don’t be deterred by the biblical nature of his site; the food is innovative and tasty), and because downtown Sierra Madre feels like such an escape from Hollywood. (The small foothill town refers to itself as “unspoiled,” which feels a little self-satisfied to me, but is nonetheless pretty accurate.)

After shopping, we walk one block east of the market to Memorial Park. I like the playground here because it’s kind of unique; instead of your typical slides, swings and playscapes, this one features play structures modeled on different modes of transport, e.g. rocket ship, fire truck, train, etc. There’s also a statue of a canyon and a Weeping Wall memorial fountain.


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